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The Need Of Warehouse:

Logistics adds value in both pre-production and post-production stages – termed as inbound and outbound logistics. The relationship between inbound and outbound logistics to the manufacturing process, in discussing the competitive advantage of firms, drew attention to the important role of logistics in the value chain. The objective of inbound logistics is to harmonize supply chains with production needs so that cost minimization in procurement and inventory management can be achieved. Inbound logistics involves also optimal mode choice and coordination of intermodal services. Decisions also need to be taken regarding the distribution network: should deliveries be made directly to the factory or should the inputs be stored in central or regional warehouses? Outbound logistics has three elements, namely, whether the shipment from the factories should be stored in warehouses, warehoused in trucks or sent directly to customers. If they are to be stored in warehouses, decisions need to be taken regarding the logistics provider – an in house logistics department/division or the contracting out of these services to third party firms. The factors, to be considered at each stage, are listed within the columns. Warehouse characteristics refer to its location vis a vis critical transportation routes and market. Internal layout of the warehouse impacts the efficiency of loading, unloading and storage. Inventory size and the amount of time components and products stay in the warehouse affect warehouse size.

LastMile Logistcs Warehouse:

LastMile Logistics has a unified and tested process for Non-hazardous, long or short term storage in rack or bulk stacked is available. The warehouse in calgary is an ambient temperature environment, and fully secured.

Reckitt-Benckiser shoot for Ryder. (Davis Turner photos)
Reckitt-Benckiser shoot for Ryder.
(Davis Turner photos)

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