Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics:

While the term direct logistics refers to all the activities that regulate both the physical flow of raw materials and finished products and the intangible flow of information associated with goods in transit, towards the end market, the reverse logistics applies to the flow of products and materials in the opposite direction, from the market to the production sites or the specialized centers, where they are sent to be appropriately treated.

The growing attention to Reverse Logistics is explained primarily by the need to comply with regulations on environmental protection, which in many industries imply the producer’s responsibility for the sold goods, even after the sale transaction, and in particular when the products’ life cycle is over. Another explanation of the interest for Reverse Logistics is the concern of some companies for their image in front of the growing number of those customers who in their purchase decisions evaluate not only the product’s performance, quality, or price,
but also the company’s respect for the environment demonstrated by environmentally friendly initiatives, such as the use of recycled raw materials in the production process, or the design of such products and packaging that ensure that waste disposal problem is not further intensified.
However, the goal of this work is to highlight how the attitude of firms towards Reverse Logistics is not necessarily the result of a reactive behavior, adopted to avoid administrative penalties or the risk of image damage and the consequent market share decline. On the contrary, the attention to Reverse Logistics may be a deliberate conduct of
the company with the objective to appropriate the residual value of the consumed, broken or obsolete products and waste in general. Given the intensified competition caused by rising costs of energy and raw materials and the chain effects of the recent speculations that shook the fundamentals of the world economy, the truly market-driven companies cannot consider the residual value as solely residual anymore.


Last Mile Reverse Logistics provide you a process in which Either you can make your own transportation arrangements, or we will do it for you. A dedicated fleet of tractor / trailers, 5-ton with tailgate is available for local 24/7 delivery. We work with a reputable transportation service for deliveries throughout Western Canada.


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